Welcome and thank you for entering the, Beyond Yonder Essay Contest! I'm very excited to give you this opportunity to compete to win Beyond Yonder located in the middle of the Daniel Boone National Forest. However, before you fill out the entry form and submit your essay, please carefully read these Contest Rules and make sure to keep a copy for your own records. Entrants who do not agree to the Contest Rules or who do not comply with the Contest Rules are disqualified from consideration.


1.      ESSAY SUBJECT: The Attorney General say that each essay should begin with: "I want to tell you why I want to live at Beyond Yonder and what will happen after I become the winner.Ē This does not have to be the title but must be the beginning sentence. Your title does not count toward your maximum words. ESSAY WILL HAVE NO IDENTIFYING NAMES or addresses on any of the pages and there will be no hints as to who you are. They will be number 1 through 2000 as they are received. Sign this contract and send with essay and cashiers check.  

2.     ENTRY CONDITIONS: 2. ENTRY CONDITIONS: All Entries shall be typed or computer printed, double spaced; however, legibly handwritten/printed entries will be accepted. Then mail with a Cashierís Check for $250.00 to LINDA HELLER HYLTON PO BOX 26, DUNDEE, FL 33838 In the portion of the check that states what the check is for please put Beyond Yonder. Entry will not be accepted without signed contract. Each Entrant will be notified via e-mail when his or her Entry is received Each entry shall consist of a formal or informal essay of approximately 300 to 2000 words (absolutely no more than 2000 words) Use one side of the paper; Essayistís name, address, and identifying information shall not appear on the essay. The essay shall be securely attached to the entry form with the certified check. You may also enter online: ● Send us a Word document or PDF of your story to● Do not paste your story into the body of the email.● Do not put your name on your story. We will judge the competition blind.● Pay your entry fee by using your own online bill pay and send the check to Linda Heller Hylton @ P O Box 26 Dundee, Florida 33838.It will be placed in a separate account set up at Wells Fargo just for this contest. It will stay in the Beyond Yonder account until the completion or cancellation of this contest. If the contest does not come to completion all of the contestants money will be returned.


3.      ELIGIBILITY AND ODDS: The essay contest is open only to anyone who is at least 18 years of age. The essay contest is not open to the sponsor of the Contest or immediate family members of the sponsor because the sponsor opens the essays and gives them their identifying number. Each entrant is allowed to enter a maximum of 20 times and any Entry that does not comply with the Contest Rules will not receive consideration. The Contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED and is not open to residents of the following States: ARIZONA, COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, ILLINOIS, MARYLAND, AND NORTH DAKOTA. The odds of winning depend on the number of Entrants. For example, if the Contest includes the minimum number of 1,000 Entrants, the odds of winning will be 1/1,000. However, this is not a Contest of chance, and the odds do not govern or establish the Entrantís chance of winning. Instead, each Entry will be judged in accord.


4.      ENTRY FEE: The Entry Fee for the Beyond Yonder Essay Contest is $250.00 U.S. Each Entry Fee must be paid with the Entrant essay and each Entry Fee will be a Cashierís check made out to Linda Heller Hylton. This will be placed in escrow until the end of the contest.. Unless otherwise provided herein, there will be no refunds for any reason, including the Entrantís non-compliance with the Contest Rules The sponsor may accept fewer than 2,000 entries. However, the sponsor reserves the right to cancel the contest and refund all entry fees if the sponsor receives fewer than 1,000 entries. The sponsor will hold all Entry Fees in a safety deposit box created and designated for the Contest until the sponsor determines either that an adequate number of entries has been received or the contest is to be canceled. If a refund becomes necessary under this provision, only the Entry Fee of $250.00 U.S. will be returned to each Entrant. Other than as stated in the above provision regarding refunds, all transactions are final at the time the Entrant submits his or her Entry.


5.      SPONSOR AND JUDGE:The sponsor will open letters and remove any identifying marks and ready them for reading by adding consecutive numbers 1 through 2000 as they come in. I will read the essays when they are ready and will keep 20 essays and then those 20 essays go to the judges panel and they are judged based on the following criteria a) The Entrantís adherence to the Contest rules; b) The Entrantís ability to explain in a compelling way his or her reason for entering the Contest; c) The Entrantís use of humor in his or her essay; d) The Entrantís ability to convey his or her passion for the essayís subject matter; e) The Entrantís ability to communicate clearly; and f) The Entrantís ability to connect his or her life experience and background to the essayís subject matter. The panel will determine the winner in accordance with the criteria described above. There will be only one winner, and there will be no award for any Entrant other than chosen winner. The panelís decision is final and not subject to appeal or challenge. By entering the Contest, each Entrant agrees to accept the Panelís decision and waives any right to challenge that decision in any manner, including via legal process. We reserve the right to modify, clarify, or change rules as necessary throughout the competition as it deems fit. Entrants are responsible for checking website for updates.

6.   CONTEST DEADLINES: The contest will run for six months or less and once the sponsor either receives 2,000 Entries or me, the owner decide to accept fewer than 2,000 Entries, the sponsor will publish the notification on the Contest website stating the date and time at which the Contest will close. The sponsor will continue to accept Entries until the date and time at which the Contest closes, but no Entries will be accepted after that date and time. The Judge will choose a winner no later than 60 days after the notification described above is published on the Contest Facebook Page. The Judge will notify the winner via e-mail. The winner must notify the sponsor, via e-mail, of his or her intention to accept or reject the prize within 3 calendar days of receiving notification that he or she is the winner. If the winner refuses in writing to accept the contest prize, then it shall be First awarded to the Runner-Up. Likewise should the First Runner-Up refuse in writing to accept the contest prize then it will be awarded to the Second Runner-Up.

7.    DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: The Contest winner will receive a deed to Beyond Yonder and its accompanying property. The property is known as 1000 Beyond Yonder Rd, Confluence, Ky. 41749-9010 and includes: 3 Houses (one unlivable), chicken coop, and 15 plus or minus acres. I do not own all the property in this branch. Our deeds are written the old way of up the hill to the top of the ridge and to the tree so you will have to hire a surveyor. I've been here 23 years and did not run a title search I was grateful to get this property, so I can't guarantee anything except this property has been bought and sold numerous times and no one has brought any actions against any buyers in court. I can guarantee that there are no liens, taxes, or mortgages due on the property described herein. The prize does not include any personal property on the property at the time the winner receives the deed described herein. By entering the contest, each entrant agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to hold harmless the Owner, members of the Selection Panel, judge and any other person who is involved with the contest from any claim, demand, suit, liability, loss, damages, or injury arising out of or connected with the contest or the Winner's acceptance of the prize property. The Owner does not make any warranties, express or implied as to the condition, fitness, or merchantability of the prize. The sponsor makes no representation or guarantees as to the fair market value of the property.

8..    TAXES/FEES: The winner agrees to be fully and solely responsible for any and all taxes and costs, including real estate transfer taxes, document stamps, title fees, lawyerís fees, income taxes, and any other costs or fees arising from his or her successful participation in the Contest.

9.   COPYRIGHT & PUBLICATION: Each Entrant hereby assigns to the sponsor, panel, and myself all copyrights arising under the statue and common law, and all other rights derivative therefrom, regarding or arising from his or her Entry essay. By entering the Contest, each Entrant further agrees that the sponsor may publish all or part of his or her submitted essay and may use the Entrantís name and identity to publicize the winning Entries, all without royalty or other considerations.

10.    STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS: This Contest is subject to all applicable State, Federal, and Local laws and regulations and is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. By entering the Contest each Entrant agrees that Leslie County, Kentucky will be the proper venue and jurisdiction of this property.

11.    INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The winner agrees that he or she will indemnify and hold harmless the sponsor, Judges, and current owner(s) of Beyond Yonder regarding any liability, costs, expenses, or other financial loss related to Beyond Yonder and its accompanying property, beginning on the date the winner receives the deed described herein.  

12.     PRIZE TRANSFER: The transfer of the deed described in the Contest Rules must occur within 30 days of the winner accepting the award. Regardless of when that transfer occurs within that 30-day period, the winner agrees to take possession of the property immediately upon receipt of the deed. The prize will not be transferred to the winner unless and until the winner provides proof of residency in a State in which this Contest is not prohibited. If the sponsor determines that the winner has failed to comply with the Contest Rules or was not eligible to participate in the Contest at the time he or she submitted an Entry, the winner will forfeit the prize and the Judges will choose a new winner. If this becomes necessary, the Judge will choose a new winner no later than 30 days after determining that the original winner was not eligible for the Contest or did not comply with the Contest rules.

13.     EXTENSIONS:The sponsor reserves the sole right to extend the deadlines governing the submission of Entries and the determination of a winner five times for a period of up to 150 days each, but the contest cannot run any longer than April 21, 2019, which is the end results of all the extensions.. We hope that no extensions will be necessary.

14.     ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The winner agrees to accept Beyond Yonder's House, Chicken Coop and its accompanying property as is. Each Entrant agrees to pay any costs and fees that arise due to his or her non-compliance with the Contest Rules, including any attorneys or other legal fees incurred by the sponsor as a result of the winner's noncompliance. I also have three contracts to be signed by the winner of the essay contest. The three contracts are: 1. Right of First Offer 2. Right of First Negotiation and 3. Right of First Refusal all at FAIR MARKET VALUE and suggested value of property with the courthouse and property taxes.

15.    SEVERABILITY: If any provision of the Contest Rules is found to be unenforceable, such finding will not impact the other provisions of the Contest Rules, and all other provisions of the Contest Rules will remain in full force and effect.





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